UKM Digital Builder

  • UI/UX
  • Frontend Enginer

UKM Digital is a website builder platform targetted for small to medium sized local bussiness who want to create a website easily and affordable.

This website builder project was unsuccessful before, because it used element based editor which is hard to be operated by non web developer user. Since we are targetting non tech user, i have come an idea to use block based editor for more easy to use.

User Interface

Block based builder is easy to use even for non tech user, and they do not need to know HTML or CSS to create a website. They only need to choose the block design, edit the content, adjust it within some option and launch the website.

Block Selector

On it release, i have created more than 100 blocks from header to footer. Each block is customisable via it's settings resulting unlimited design possibility. The team has also created 25 Website Templates and each template has ~5 page in it to kickstart the website building for user.

Form Builder & Media Picker